Discogs is a database and marketplace for vinyl collectors to log their collection, buy records, and keep tabs on new releases. They have a mobile app that's far from perfect: although it has the base functionality of the base website experience, the UX of the mobile app is occasionally frustrating and lacking compared to its superior desktop experience.
For a personal project, I tasked myself with identifying and redesigning these problem areas. It isn't a full app redesign, but my goal was to correct and improve where the mobile app is lacking including a simplified artist page, more efficient search, and an easier way to browse the master release page.
The Artist Page
The artist page should be an easy way of browsing the releases by your favorite musician. Instead, it is presented in a way that lacks clarity and organization. Clicking on the Releases section in the current experience dumps you into a giant list with no real order: it isn't chronological, sorted by title, or by format. 
When I came to redesign this page, I wanted to stick to how the web experience presented it: organized into Albums, Singles, Compilations, etc. I wanted to put the focus on how one would naturally sort a discography, similar to Spotify. I included two views: list and grid, for those who prefer to identify by album art.
More to come!

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